Recharge your Mojo!

Writers spend a great deal of solitary time BIC (bottom in chair) trying to translate the thoughts and images in their head into coherent sentences and meaningful story on the page. Every time I went to a conference or a critique I was supercharged! My muse was singing in my ear, my fingers itching for some laptop time. The problem was maintaining the creative energy back in my own space. Where did all the creativity go?

It was easy when I was hanging out with the eagles, which led me to wonder . . .What if I am my own worst turkey?

After many fits and starts trying to bulldoze through my writer’s block between creative writing events I finally connected with Life Coach Charles Gosset, CPC to see if he could help. Charles is a kindred spirit with a mission to “help big-hearted people with huge drive lead exceptional lives.” Who can’t relate to that? After an initial consultation Charles sent me several questionnaires about my priorities, obstacles, and problem solving. He later presented a results profile that was a “picture worth a thousand words” showing that I was approaching my writing from all the wrong angles. I had essentially taken something I loved and crammed it into paltry unpredictable times, then I was mean to myself about my lack of progress. I was trying to write a loving book while being hateful to myself in the process. I think the block saved my manuscript and unblocking helped me find the wings to soar.

Over a three month span last summer, Charles and I met weekly to foster my goal of developing a healthy creative lifestyle (and complete my manuscript!). Our summer collaboration led us to imagine a writer’s retreat that we would like to attend, so we decided to create one!

Are you ready to recharge your mojo? Please consider attending (or tell a writerly friend)

The Mindful Muse: A Writer’s Retreat.

This one day retreat will be held Saturday, August 26th at St. Francis of The Woods in Coyle, OK

Our workshop topics will include:

  • Clearing the mind clutter with mindfulness
  • Taming the inner critic
  • Creating space for writing
  • T.L.C for writers

Expect a mingling of positive psychology and bullet proof action plans to move your WIP (work in progress) in a healthy direction. Plenty of time will be devoted for you to write, daydream, or hike so you can apply the concepts to your creative lifestyle on the spot.

I hope that you will make time for yourself to explore a new way to soar with your writing. When you write with a joyful heart it will be felt by the reader. These small changes have made a big impact on my creative process. Please forward this post on to a writer buddy (sharing is caring) to help spread the word.

Special thanks to Charles Gosset, The Inklings critique group, and my family for being the wind beneath my wings.

P.S. My picture book will be published by Doodle and Peck Publishing sometime in the Fall of 2018.

More info to come in future posts!