What will captivate your attention in 2018?

Photo by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash

For the past 3 years I have chosen a word to focus my attention and intention for the year. It all started with “mindfulness” which initiated a full year of study, meditation, and more time on my yoga mat. The other years (gratitude, presence) although worthwhile, had less dramatic impact. This year I thought I would go back to my old school resolutions but then this one word kept CHOOSING ME!

The word was highlighted in books I was reading, written on t-shirts, and even printed on a button I received for participating in a fall event! It seemed as if everywhere I looked I saw the word. It captured my attention all on it’s own and for that I am grateful. Other years I have had to search and ponder awhile.

Thinking that you might be searching or curious in the one word method of approaching 2018, I did some Facebook “research” about words people were choosing this year. Maybe one of these top 10 words will choose you:












Notice there are no words like resentment or revenge? That’s because these are not experiences you want to cultivate.Let’s face it, there will be challenges within these next twelve months but it will help to be optimistic.Still thinking about choosing a word? Consider this:

Be Positive: Positive intention helps direct your feet in that direction. It also influences mood.

Be Engaged: Words that easily translate into action helps you make concrete behavioral changes.

Be Meaningful: Maybe there is a word that resonates as a strength you want to practice more, or one that needs more development.

Be Impacting: Find a word that will benefit others as well as yourself. There are many positive side effects to service to others.

Positive Psychology guru  Martin Seligman concludes that long lasting, authentic happiness is achieved by recognizing core values and building on your strengths in a meaningful way. Choosing a key word may be a a catalyst for creating more happiness for yourself in 2018.

I am already enjoying the fruits of ten days with kindness as my focus. My smile is brighter, my words are gentler, and even the world seems kinder! My overall plan is to spend 12 months savoring small acts of kindness (both given and received). If there is a grand gesture in there I hope to notice the opportunity, but mainly my idea is to notice how small kindness elevates humankind.

I haven’t completely given up my old school goal setting. There is nothing quite so thrilling for an office supply geek like me as opening up a shiny day-timer and making plans. This year I received a Passion Planner as a gift and my goal is to fill it with kindness.

What’s your word and how will you use it over the next 50 weeks?

P.S. Look at the cool quotes on kindness I found on Pinterest !