5 Lifestyle Strategies to Stress-Less this Season

Welcome to part 1 of my “stress-less” series to help us tread gently into the busiest time of the year. Most of us love the holidays despite the added stress, but stress doesn’t need to be a bad word. If you want to sound fancy, the official name for good stress is eustress.

This whole month I’ve been riding the wave of eustress and I’m glad I said yes to some special projects. The extra responsibilities set off some alarm bells in my body- reminding me to lean in to more work. Without formal request or conscious thought my brain sends a signal to give me more energy, sharpen my senses, and increase my focus. This boost gives me the juice I need to get the job done, but too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Thankfully I have a lifestyle in place that gives me wiggle room to say yes to opportunities that interest me without jeopardizing my health and sanity. I’d like to share my favorite strategies and hear about yours so we can navigate the next 90 days and beyond.

Top 5 fabulous lifestyle strategies to manage positive and negative stress:

  1. Exercise. Find an exercise that you like and schedule it regularly (20-30 minutes a few times a week).This is a well documented stress buster.Prioritize maintaining this habit despite a more hectic calendar.
  2. Social Support. Cultivate a network of positive people who care about you and take good care of themselves. Seek out like minded people in your community, faith groups, and/or at traditional twelve step meetings. Maintain active intentional connections with your peoples.
  3. Mindfulness. Bring stillness to your day to reflect and listen to your inner wisdom. A practice of mindfulness makes the perils of multi-tasking more obvious. Mindfulness guides you to take one moment at a time, without judgement.
  4. Creativity. Train your mind to think imaginatively to get practice in flexible thinking for problem solving. Enroll in a drawing, cooking, or poetry class to elevate your mood and get out of the default mode of thinking.
  5. Nature. Allow nature to re-balance your perspective to the big picture. You will notice that change is part of life, and life goes on. Take regular breaks to feel the wind, see green things, hear bird song, and smell the season.


Dust off your boots and grab your cardigan and consider a new habit to better prepare you for the eustress of holidays.

Share one of you favorite fabulous lifestyle habits. What could you incorporate this month to boost your stress immunity?