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Welcome to my satellite office.

If you are searching for information about my counseling practice, wanting to book a speaking engagement, or if you are just interested in some joy and encouragement, you are in the right place.
I am a psychologist with 23 years of experience collaborating with people to make life changes. I’m also a conference groupie, avid reader, and seeker of beautiful things. That adds up to a lot of listening and lifelong learning.
I’m psyched about life and I hope you want to design a life that you are psyched about, too.
This is a negativity free zone. I write and speak only about topics that capture my attention and add
zest to life. You will not find snark, sarcasm, or judgement. Okay maybe a little bit of sarcasm, but never mean spirited.
Take what you want, share what you like.
Be prepared for plenty of positivity, and regular updates about psychological superpowers like
mindfulness, acceptance, resilience, and happiness.
Ready? Take a deep breath . . .let’s go!