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Sam loved to paint. Samantha also loved her dog Suki. Her glossy pink tongue and the inky black tufts of fur by her ears. Samantha even loved Suki’s biscuit breath. 

One morning, Sam calls, but Suki doesn’t come.  

This is a children’s book for all ages (including adults) that sparks a conversation about death. There are activities and information in the back for caregivers. Dr. Marotta hopes her debut book, Suki and Sam, will help children navigate the complex feelings of grief. 

Released September 15, 2018

Available at:

Doodle and Peck Publishing https://www.doodleandpeck.com/product-page/suki-and-sam

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MZH8N9N/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1

Best of Books, Edmond, OK

Full Circle Bookstore, Oklahoma City OK

Suki and Sam was a winner in the OWFI Contest!

Author Dr. Lisa Marotta and Illustrator Dorothy Shaw are available for School Visits! 

Be a Feelings Detective: Students will use “detective skills” to find clues about the feelings in Suki and Sam and inside of themselves. Learning will include verbal, nonverbal, and creative expression of feelings through color.  PowerPoint presentation with reading and coloring activity (must bring crayons or markers). 60 minute presentation including question and answer time. Suitable for grades K-3

How an Idea Became a Book: Students will be shown the creative process of writing, illustrating, and publishing a book. Specific emphasis on developing a growth mindset including persistence, the power of “yet,” and learning from mistakes. PowerPoint presentation with reading and writing/illustrating prompt (must bring pencils). 60 minute presentation including question and answer time. Suitable for grades 3-8.

Please contact Dr. Lisa Marotta for pricing and availability: (405) 252-0460  dr.lisamarotta@gmail.com

Dr. Marotta’s mission is to write feelings-centric books for children. Her current work in progress is about childhood anxiety.