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Dr. Lisa Marotta 

 I am a seasoned Clinical/School Psychologist working with women, children, and families in the Oklahoma OKC Metro area. In 2023 I will be celebrating 30 years in private practice. I love my job. It is a privilege to support the mental health of clients facing personal challenges, transitions, and loss. I have walked alongside clients through extreme situations like the Oklahoma City bombing and a worldwide pandemic. I am grateful to provide a safe space for healing, resilience, and transformation.

To promote optimal mental health, I encourage early intervention and consistent therapy sessions. Compassion has always come naturally to me, and my love of learning incorporates a wide range of skills and perspectives that keep me growing as a health care professional. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family’s mental health needs.

Services offered

Each client receives treatment uniquely tailored to their goals and circumstances; I am always happy to teach evidence-based techniques to use at home.

Dr. Lisa Marotta’s therapy dog- Dude

Wednesdays are dedicated to Animal Assisted Therapy with my companion Dude the Portuguese Water Dog. The office is conveniently located for clients to come early to reflect in a private waiting room space, and/or bring their sneakers to take an after session walk through Mitch Park when the weather is permitting. 

Writing is my primary creative outlet so I hope you will take some time to browse my blog Psyched About Life: Tools for Everyday Living. It’s a collection of positive psychology, book reviews, and tips from conferences to add zest to daily life. Maybe even an occasional cookie recipe!

Navigating this website is simple (I hope).  If you are looking to connect; discover about services, classes, or retreats, community resources, information about my book, or visit the blog, it is all just a click away. 

All are welcome. 

Health & Happiness,

Lisa L. Marotta, Ph.D.