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My Yoga Journey


I was initially drawn to the yoga mat for all the wrong reasons. My mind was set on performance. Other peoples’ practices looked “prettier” than mine. No matter how hard I tried, my heels would not lay flat in Down Dog. My Tree Pose wobbled. Although I came originally for the calorie burn, I stayed for the calm.

Tuning into my breath, the brain chatter quieted. Vinyasa flow began to influence the pacing of my life. My body and mind slowly, kindly, began to cooperate. One day I peeked at my own feet in Down Dog, and my heels were inching closer towards the mat.

Grieving the death of loved ones, launching my children to adulthood, and surviving a world-wide pandemic, I somehow found peace in the practice. As a person who has cried more than once in Savasana, I can attest to yoga’s healing powers. The magic of the practice is discovering fitness from the inside out.

Like any good love story, my romance with yoga grows deeper with time. My Tree Pose is still wobbly—although, my life balance is better. My heels may never be completely flat on the mat in Down Dog, and don’t get me started about Half-Moon. But it’s all good.  I trust the process.


I am grateful for my community of mentors, classmates, and yoga friendships. As a teacher, I can’t wait to share my love of this mindful practice. Bring your feelings to the mat in my classes. We will let yoga do the rest.

Join me at 6 a.m. Friday Morning Flow class at You Power Yoga beginning March 24, 2023!


I discovered Paul Denniston’s griefwork while completing teacher training in 2022. Grief Yoga incorporates breath, movement and sound. It is rewarding to bring this alternative form of emotional expression to my clinical practice.